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New gets! Mostly Snorlaxes haha

Here’s a bunch of cool new Snorlaxes I got. Click the cut to see!

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Thanks for reading!

My website is almorrow12.wixsite.com/Nefhithiel

Pikachu plush restoration

My favorite Pikachu plushie got damaged during my recent move. :( so I set out to restore him! This is a very rare 6th Movie UFO catcher prize so it's not exactly replaceable.

I protected Pikachu with cling wrap and repainted the leaf with the closest color I could mix. I gave it a few coats for good measure.

I then repainted the veins of the leaf.

And followed that with a sealer.

All done! Looks like new! :)

Nef's Trading Post

Trading Rules:

I will trade with members of pkmncollectors in good standing (at least 10 positive feedbacks) only! At this time, I would prefer to only ship domestically (ship from Georgia, USA), but I would be willing to consider international trades as well. :3

I have 13 positive feedbacks here in the old pkmncollectors system, which as I understand it allows me to trade. I will leave new system feedback for you upon completion of the trade and would like for you to do the same. Here is my ebay feedback fwiw.

I will pack items appropriately (bubble mailers, hard envelopes, etc), ship promptly, and expect you to do the same.

My wishlist is here (and is a little sparse) but please feel free to offer items not listed of Pokemon I named on the list. I don't know every item that exists! If you have something you think I would like but do not wish to trade, please don't be shy about shooting me a price!

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Nef's Modern Wishlist

Just Stamper

no titleno title

no title Kids figure?? Kids Figure

Shaymin Landmin TOMY,

no titleno titleno titleno title
no title

Dr. Pikachu!


I collect Munchlax, Snorlax, Dratini, Darkrai, and Pikachu for main collections with Electivire, Nidoking, Shaymin (Landmin) as sides. I like Kids, Tomys, and pins/charms/straps/keychains, and plushies! All the Pikachu Dress Up items are awesome too!

Mini Munch Mascot


Sep. 26th, 2008


You are the bestest <3


Nef's Shop <3

Welcome to my sales page for thepkmncollectorscommunity! :D

My sales page is small, and likely will remain so.

POLICIES (Read or Snorlax will sit on you. Not even kidding.)

Paypal is VERY Much Preferred, though I won't chase you away if you absolutely can't do Paypal.

International orders welcome! I will need to give you a shipping quote, but it probably won't be much more than a dollar more than domestic charges.

SHIPPING for one or two small figures will start at 3 dollars within the US.

I WILL hold items for up to a week. n_n

I WILL take FAIR trades for items on my wish list

I WILL refuse your business if I feel you have excessive Negative Feedback in the community.

I WILL do my best to get your items to you safely and as quickly as possible (First Class is default shipping speed and I pack 3-D items in bubble mailers).

I WILL NOT accept trades for art at this time, sorry. n_n;

HAGGLING (within reason) is allowed on items where I say  "ASKING x amount"

See my eBay feedback page!

See my pkmncollectors feedback page!



I don't usually do fads, but this one is awesome. xD